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Welcome to
The Medicine Box

Welcome to The Medicine Box

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We Believe in Cannabis as a Natural Medicine and Remedy
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As a Cannabis Dispensary, we love to see the constantly evolving world of Cannabis, Do you want to learn about it too? Just register! We’ll advise you as soon as we publish any new information for you!

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Welcome to
The Medicine Box

Really glad you decided to drop by 😊 If you don’t know us already, The Medicine Box is a Cannabis Dispensary that has been committed to helping our clients understand the benefits and methods of use of Cannabis. We take great pride in tailoring our approach to each and every single individual – Because although it works for your friend, it might not work the same for you!

Are you looking to learn more? Did you know that Cannabis research, although still young, is showing amazing potential from our beloved plant? Here’s a few very interesting things to check out!

Did you know that we're an Indigenous-Owned Cannabis Dispensary?

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More than just a Cannabis Dispensary, our very own in-house lab can check the quality of the buds you’ve just grown or purchased

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