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Welcome to
The Medicine Box

Welcome to The Medicine Box

The Medicine Box 2.0


Dave is so happy with all these improvements!

Welcome to the new and improved Medicine Box experience! We’re incredibly happy and grateful to have you around. We won’t linger on, here’s a few new things that are happening to make your experience more pleasurable and personalized!

Reaffirming our Commitment to our Values

If you’ve known us for a while, you’ll know our motto to be It’s not just about weed, it’s about Life. Our targets were never to “be the biggest” or “be the best”; Ours is to provide Safe and well informed access to a plant that can be highly beneficial to your health.

After a few years in business, we’ve been incredibly fortunate to be part of something much greater than ourselves. With more and more countries on the way to decriminalize, even legalize Cannabis, we feel empowered by our unique position in a difficult to enter market.

We’re called The Medicine Box, and that’s what we hope to champion: Health. The changes we’ve made aim to reflect that, to allow you to tell us more about what you need, and for us to allow you better visibility on what could help you.

New E-Commerce

YES! As much as we liked our interface, we thought it was high time (get it??) to make an update! We’re still perfecting some areas of it and we greatly appreciate your patience and feedback with the entire process! This change takes effect in the next few days!

New Rewards Program

One of the bigger changes! We thought the old model of a few cents on every dollar spent was outdated. So, instead of getting 2ยข per dollar, you now get 5 points per dollar spent! And spoiler, the more you save, the more they’re worth ๐Ÿ˜ฒ.

Following your next purchase, you’ll get a link leading to your new client wallet, where you can personalize your profile and see/spend your well-earned points on special rewards!

Time to spend your Old points

With this change in software, we’ll have to apply the remaining points to your next transaction. If your old points aren’t spent by August 20th, we might lose track of them!

Save our Page to your Home Screen

When you open the link you’ll receive, it’ll open up your personal wallet. Follow the on screen instructions to add it to your home page! Here’s instructions from our provider for both iPhone and Android devices ๐Ÿ˜Š

For iPhone

For Android

Fill out your Interests

Once on the page, you can select what interests you! That way, we can make sure to find content that we think you’ll benefit from.

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The Medicine Box

Our goal is to provide you informative articles so you can better understand the world of Cannabis.

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