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Welcome to
The Medicine Box

Welcome to The Medicine Box

πŸ–€ Black Friday Bonanza at The Medicine Box! 🌿πŸ’₯


Hey there, savvy shoppers and cannabis enthusiasts! Get ready to light up your Black Friday with some sizzling deals at The Medicine Box. We’re rolling out the green carpet this November 24th with offers that are too good to puff, puff, pass!

πŸš€ Big Spender Bonus

Are you the high roller of your group? Spend a cool $200 or more and bam! You’re walking away with 2 free packs of Juicy Jay Blunt wraps. Mix and match, choose your favorite flavors – the choice is yours, and the treat is on us! 🎁

πŸͺ Cookie Extravaganza

Santa’s got nothing on us this season! Buy any 2 bakery items and get a free cookie. That’s right, a free cookie for every customer who dives into our bakery section. It’s a cookie wonderland, and you’re invited! πŸͺπŸŽ…

🌸 Flower Sale

Prepare to have your mind blown with our Flower Sale! These deals are so good, you’ll have to do a double-take. From November 23rd, check in-store for an exclusive list of flower varieties that are getting the Black Friday treatment:

  • $100 oz slashed to $80
  • $120 oz down to $100
  • $140 oz now just $120
  • $175 oz at a steal for $150
  • $240 oz reduced to $220
  • $300 oz for an unbelievable $250

🍬 Edibles Offer

Got a sweet tooth for edibles? Spend $100 on any edibles and get $10 off your next purchase. Sweeten your stash and save some cash! πŸ¬πŸ’Έ

⏰ One Day Only!

Remember, these deals are lighting up for one day only on Black Friday, November 24th. Mark your calendars, set your alarms, and make sure you’re at The Medicine Box to score big on these awesome deals.

Roll in, light up your day with savings, and leave with a smile – only at The Medicine Box. See you there! 🌟

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The Medicine Box

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