Cannabis Flower

If you're looking for Cannabis for Sale, you found it! Our Oka dispensary is stocked to the brim with discounted specials and specialty strains! Our dried flower ounces start at 80$

Baked Edibles

Our very own home-baked edibles! If you're looking for fresh edibles made with care and love (just like Nana use to make), we've got you covered (in a light chocolate drizzle)! **We also take special orders**

510-thread Vape Cartridges

Looking for a cartridge for your weed pen? We have you covered! Our HUGE selection of cannabis cartridges will fit any standard 510-thread battery; And if you don't have one of those, we have some available!

510-thread Vape Pens

If you're looking for a weed pen, this is what you're looking for. What is known as 510-thread battery pens and cartridges are what make up the popular name weed pen. Discreet, flavourful, smoke-free - Available both with THC or CBD. Here you'll find working pens with a cartridge attached. These are NOT reusable


Browse our HUGE selection of Edibles that range from first-timers to all-timers! Our variety of flavours and styles are sure to help you find something that works for YOU


Looking for the best prerolls around? From our 5$ grammers to vacuum-sealed 28 gram gold leaf cannagar, we have something for everyone. Whatever your experience is, our prerolls are sure to get lit and get you lit nice and quick!






Precisely measured dosage to help you find a product that complements your lifestyle. Cannabis capsules are a great way to introduce THC and CBD as regular components to your system and getting the best of both


Cleaning Products

Dab Rigs, Tools and Accessories



For Pets

No THC here, just good and pet-friendly CBD! As CBD can help us, it can also help our beloved furry friends. Both tasty and a great way to introduce CBD into their diets, these are sure to satisfy





Rolling Papers

Rolling Trays


Browse our wide selection of cannabis seeds and get your green thumb on! Cannabis is easy enough to grow and ensures you know 100% of what went into your plant


Looking around for Cannabis Shatter? Look no further! If you're new to extractions, Cannabis Shatter is a high potency extract that is used in dabbing or in vaporizers. But given its malleability, you can also heighten your joints with it!



If you're looking for a well calibrated method with accurate dosage to complement your lifestyle, Cannabis Tinctures are for you. With THC, or CBD, or balances of THC to CBD, there's a cannabis tincture to suit your needs

Toke Bottles


Cannabis Topicals are applied to your skin to help maintain good health. The anti-inflammatory proprieties of CBD can help reduce and alleviate dry skin and eczema outbursts