Giid - GiiD - CBD Tincture 600mg (30ml)
GiiD - CBD Tincture 600mg (30ml)
CBD: 600mg
giid CBD Tincture promotes physical and psychological wellness. It contains CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with proven medical benefits. CBD reduces inflammation, treats pain, arthritis, insomnia, and has anti-tumor and anti-seizure effects. It helps with anxiety, PTSD, and diabetes prevention. The added peppermint aids digestion, boosts energy, and refreshes your mouth. Start with a smaller dose and adjust as needed. Each dropper contains 20mg of CBD isolate. Ingredients: organic MCT coconut oil, sunflower lecithin oil, CBD isolate, organic peppermint essential oil. 30ml bottle with 600mg CBD isolate. Directions: Hold under your tongue briefly before swallowing. Store at room temperature. Warning: Keep away from children and pets.
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