Fleurs - 7mg Fleurs Single Tea Serving - Holidaze
7mg Fleurs Single Tea Serving - Holidaze
CBD: 7mg
Introducing Fleurs, the exclusive brand of cannabis-infused tea that takes pride in infusing our products on location only. With our 7mg Single Tea Serving, you can experience the perfect balance of quality and precision. Each tea bag is carefully crafted with 7mg of THC, delivering a consistent and enjoyable dose every time. At Fleurs, we believe in the power of local infusion, ensuring that our teas are meticulously prepared in-house to guarantee freshness and potency. Indulge in the soothing flavors and therapeutic effects of our infused tea, knowing that it was expertly crafted on-site for an elevated experience. Choose Fleurs for a truly exceptional cannabis tea experience that exemplifies our commitment to quality and authenticity.
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