Join the Revolution - Strawberry Cough Cart - 1g - Join The Revolution Cart
Strawberry Cough Cart - 1g - Join The Revolution Cart
Join the flavor revolution with "Strawberry Cough" Vape Cartridge by Join the Revolution. This exceptional cartridge captures the essence of the beloved strain, renowned for its sweet and strawberry flavors. Immerse yourself in the luscious and fruity notes as the smooth vapor envelops your senses. With each inhale, experience an invigorating and uplifting sensation that sparks creativity and ignites the mind. Strawberry Cough is your key to a flavorful revolution. Join the Revolution and embrace the high voltage of Strawberry Cough. Elevate your vaping experience and let the electrifying flavors inspire you to reach new heights.
1 g
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This product is no longer available.

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